Ökosoziale Hochschultage Movie Night (07.06.2019)

The movie is going to be in english and in cooperation with Magdeburger Radkultur. Riding at night through Eastside Los Angeles, the Ovarian Psycos use their bicycles to confront the violence in their lives. At the helm of the crew is founder Xela de la X, a single mother and poet M.C. dedicated to recruiting an unapologetic, misfit crew of women of color, yet she struggles to strike a balance between motherhood and activism. Evie, a bright eyed recruit, joins the crew and despite poverty and the concerns of her protective Salvadoran mother, discovers a newfound confidence. Meanwhile, Andi Xoch, a founding member and street artist who knows the deeply activist legacy from which the Ovas emerge, journeys to become a new leader within the crew.

Magdeburger Radkultur is a campagne regarding visibilty of bicycling in Magdeburg. One goal is to show the interlink between cycling and feminism. Like the Facebook-Page for more information, fun activities and interesting share-pics regarding cycling.

Dokumentation ÖHST MOVIE NIGHT & Teamtreffen (zum Herunterladen)